Why Partner Loyalty is as Important as Customer Loyalty

As a provider of loyalty and gift card solutions to the SMB marketplace, we understand the importance of customer loyalty and help ISOs and merchants monetize it. Our POS, ISO, ISV and VAR partners are just as importance to us. We don’t compete with our partners out of our own loyalty to them. Do you know if your partners are loyal to you?

For example, we pride ourselves on integrating our gift card and loyalty platform with the most popular point-of-sale systems, and have recently announced integrations with Clover, Click a Waiter, and 3dcart. We don’t own our own POS platform. Therefore, we don’t compete with our POS, ISO, ISV and VAR partners. Instead, we educate our partners on how to use our gift card and loyalty solution to increase their revenue and reduce attrition.

As a show of loyalty to our partners, we are offering a promotion on loyalty card orders now through the end of September. Double your order at no additional charge. As always, we offer free training and support. Contact us at sales@factor4gift.com to learn more about partnering with us including our white label programs, or to take advantage of our partner promotion.

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