3 Ways To Make Summer Gift Card Sales Sizzle

Gift Card sales don’t have to slump this summer. Here are 3 easy, inexpensive ways to make sales sizzle!

  1. Have a Mystery Gift Card Drawing

For example: Purchase a $25 gift card (minimum) in August to draw a bonus mystery gift card. Assign various values from $5-$100 to 20 gift cards and put them in a decorative bowl or bag at the register for customers to draw. Make the mystery cards expire by September 21st.

  1. Offer a Gift Card with Purchase

For example: For every $25 spent from August 1st-31st, earn a $5 gift card. Make all earned gift cards redeemable between September 1st-September 21st.

  1. Put Gift Cards on Sale

For example: All gift cards are 20% off in August.

For maximum success, advertise your summer gift card promotion on social media, have signage and gift cards on display at point-of-purchase, and email your customers. If you have a loyalty program, award double points for all gift cards purchased during the promotion.

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