Factor4’s real-time stored value platform allows for a feature rich offering to our clients.
Our core product offerings include but are not limited to:

Gift Cards

Gift Cards are customizable closed loop stored value cards that increase ticket lift at the point-of-sale. With sales volume predicted to reach $160 billion by 2018, gift card programs will continue to be a top revenue producing product. Factor4’s gift card programs are designed for merchants of all sizes. Our platform allows for easy tracking and reporting. Our gift cards also work as loyalty cards so merchants can run two programs on one card.

Loyalty Cards

Loyalty Cards increase foot traffic and customer engagement by rewarding repeat purchases. Increasing customer retention by just 5% boosts profits by 25% to 95% and acquiring new customers is 5 to 25 times more expensive than retaining them. Factor4’s loyalty programs are customizable to meet the specific needs of merchants. Our programs enable merchants to monetize and track customer behavior at the point-of-sale as well as capture valuable customer data.

E-Gift Cards

E-Gift cards or digital gift cards are the fastest growing segment of the gift card market with sales expected to exceed $15 billion by 2017. The fact that only 3% of local businesses offer digital gift cards represents an opportunity for forwarding thinking merchants to significantly grow gift card sales via the addition of an e-Gift card program. Factor4’s comprehensive solution provides merchants with the ability to deploy a sophisticated digital gift card program quickly and seamlessly.


Factor4 has a state-of-the-art plastic gift card printer. We can turn plastic card re-orders around in 24 hours. Our art department assists merchants with designing custom plastic cards that capture the essence of their brands. We also offer a wide selection of predesigned cards for frictionless reordering.
Promoting gift card programs with merchandising materials can dramatically increase gift card sales. Consumers are more likely to buy a gift card if it includes free packaging. Factor4 offers a variety of gift card merchandising materials including point of purchase signage, display racks, window decals, gift card holders and custom packaging. Check out our predesigned gift cards and accessories inventory: here

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