Drive Sales with an Online Gift Card Solution

An Online Gift Card Solution is a great way for merchants to optimize the exposure they are already getting on their website to increase gift card sales. 55% of consumers surveyed are interested in giving and 67% are interested in receiving a digital gift card. Digital gift cards are the fastest growing segment within the $127 billion gift card industry.

While plastic gift cards will maintain their popularity due to peoples’ desire to give a tangible gift, virtual gift cards will continue to grow due to their convenience, ease of purchase, and immediate delivery. Selling gift cards online enables merchants to increase sales of gift cards from new customers and for new customers. It provides a great way to capture impulse online sales as well. Offering the option of both physical and digital gift cards lets the purchasers choose the gifting option best for the recipients.

Blackhawk CEO, Talbott Roche said, “Despite growth in digital, the demand for physical gift cards is still strong and, in many cases, preferred. But even as consumer attitudes shift toward digital gift cards, there is still a need for both mediums as part of consumers’ omnichannel journey. A big opportunity for both physical and digital growth lies with brands and organizations taking the personalization of gift cards to the next level.” 

Factor4 has experienced the same demand dynamics. Our solution enables for the personalization of digital and physical gift cards. Our fulfillment services for physical cards provides merchants with hand written, personalized gift cards delivered expediently while our virtual cards allow purchasers to personalize the messaging and delivery time immediately online. 

According to the Blackhawk Network 2018 Summit Research, 49% of people surveyed prefer to buy gift cards directly from the retailer or brand. This represents a big opportunity for local merchants to capture online gift card sales from new and existing customers. Factor4 has had a lot of success helping merchants bring in new business from our online gift card solution. The fact that only 3% of local businesses offer virtual cards reinforces the opportunity to increase revenue via offering digital gift cards along with physical cards through an online gift card solution.

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